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Thanks for the invite, Linda! I'll try to contribute.

Dave Clouser
posted by David Clouser 6/29/2001 10:01:47 PM

Thanks to Linda for setting this up. I think the blog concept is a good way to get more news on our union and human rights websites without overburdening webmasters.
posted by Stuart Elliott 6/26/2001 08:22:08 AM

Thank you for inviting me to join. I'm a beginner in the web design, creating, etc. and hope this site will help me in the future.

posted by Marianne Lindsey 6/25/2001 07:57:10 AM

Sister Linda,
Once again thanks for the invite and I am interested to see just how this works. I'm sure I can find uses for it in the near future.
Brother Ed Connor III
posted by Edward Connor III 6/23/2001 03:26:41 PM

Thanks for setting this up. Not only will it allow us to share ideas in a form that will stay online for those who join us later, but it is also an excellent example of the use of a weblog, which I think is a technology we will all end up using a great deal. I'm setting up a few pages that will use this technology already. I'll post some urls and explanations once they're running. I hope others will do the same so we can get inspiration.
posted by Donald Caswell 6/23/2001 01:16:13 PM

Thanks for setting this up. I think that union webmasters need to start pulling together some freely available tools to make updating our sites easy. Many locals/branches will be willing to pay a bit for initial setup, but for the site to LIVE, updates have to be very easy.
posted by Ian Allinson 6/23/2001 04:19:11 AM

I'm signed up. :) I don't know how much I can provide, but I'm here.
posted by Terry Flanagan 6/22/2001 08:47:05 PM

This is a new area set up for members to share their thoughts & news. If you'd like to be a contributor to this section, please send your name and email address to:
posted by Linda Mathews 6/22/2001 07:08:08 PM

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